Who sends d*** pics, and why? Seriously, what the...

Well, I looked into a bit and found a few articles as to why men send them, and some overall stats on d*** pics.

According to The Guardian, 4 in 10 young women have reported getting unsolicited d*** pics. Almost 50%!

One man said the following of sending the pics in a chat room:

I’d see people chatting about various subjects. If they were remotely sexual, I think that served as my entry point to sending a pic. The thrill of it was taking a pic in that moment and sending it … I think it may have been about creating or imagining some kind of sexual connection in that moment. The feeling was a bit of a rush in the anticipation of a response.

I'm wondering if anyone has told men like this that they're are basically flashing and that's a crime. Sending d*** pics has something else in common with flashing now in the state of Texas. They too, are illegal.

Here is Governor Greg Abbott announcing his signing of the bill into law on Twitter.

So there you go. Send someone an unwanted pic of your 'D', you could end up in jail, getting some unwanted 'D' of your own. Okay, not really. It'll be a class C misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to $500.

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