Beto O'Rourke came incredibly close to unseating Ted Cruz from his Senate seat with a vote of 50.9% for Cruz and 48.3% for O'Rourke.

This has apparently sparked a bit of fear with some wealthy Republicans who are preparing a rather expensive campaign to get more Republicans registered to vote. How much are they dumping into this effort? Millions and millions of dollars.

The new group is called Engage Texas, spearheaded by Richard Weekley, a Houston real estate developer and veteran Republican campaign contributor.

Things have been trending in the wrong direction for Republicans recently in the state of Texas. There hasn't been a Democrat elected to statewide office in over 2 decades, and Trump did beat Hillary by 9 percentage points back in 2016. But it wasn't just Beto that had a close race with Cruz last year. The whole midterm elections showed a trend upwards for Democrats and downward for Republicans in the state of Texas, including 2 traditionally Republican, suburban seats in the House of Representatives going to Democrats.

How vulnerable is President Trump in the 2020 election? It's still early, but recent polls have shown Texas might not be a lock for him as much as it has been in the past for other Republican candidates.

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