Godsmack may have completed the support of their When Legends Rise album, but one song from that release has seen their efforts help them achieve a significant sales mark. "Bulletproof," the chart-topping lead single from the record, has been certified as a platinum digital single by the RIAA.

The song achieved the mark on Sept. 24, being just the latest accomplishment during its hugely successful run. The song was the most-played track at rock radio in 2018, another significant achievement, which no doubt contributed to the sales mark.

"The plan from the beginning of this cycle was to try and step outside our comfort zone and explore new sounds and melodies in hopes of reaching new fans, without alienating our core audience," frontman Sully Erna explained. "'Bulletproof' really set the tone and paved the way for how well that vision has been executed!"

Drummer Shannon Larkin adds, "Thanks first and foremost to our fans for making this song a smash! That it was received so well motivates us and makes us super proud. Hitting platinum in this day and age is a big deal to us, and a ray of light in this otherwise dreary year of pandemic. Thanks also to Paul [Geary, their manager] and everyone at Shelter Music, all the folks at BMG, John Branigan at WME, and our producer Erik Ron. The team is strong, the future is bright."

"It is indisputable that Godsmack is one of the few truly great core artists at rock radio," says Nick Attaway, VP of Radio Promotion/BMG. "Earning four consecutive No. 1 singles from their latest release When Legends Rise proves that they are on top of their game. Not only did the first single 'Bulletproof' go platinum, but it will forever be the most played song at rock radio for 2018."

While "Bulletproof" has the latest honor, overall the When Legends Rise album fared quite well for the band. As Attaway stated, four songs from the record hit No. 1, making it their first album to have that many chart-toppers. That brings their tally overall to 11 No. 1 singles in their career.

Godsmack are currently on a break between albums. While Sully Erna is planning to play some drive-in shows, he revealed in a recent interview that it's likely that Godsmack will wait until 2022 before returning to the road.

Godsmack, "Bulletproof"

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