Comedian and That Metal Show host Jim Florentine dove into a YouTube wormhole of silly metal videos and embraced the cringe for this reaction video!

Remember Ronnie James Dio waving a sword and battling his way through a castle in the “Holy Diver” video? Florentine wasn’t the biggest fan of the Dungeons & Dragons stuff back in the ‘80s, so he’s definitely not into metal bands donning sheath armor in the 2010s. While watching “The King That Never Was” by Alternate Reality, Florentine offered his commentary on the power metal video.

“This makes no sense,” Florentine said curmudgeonly. “The band doesn’t look like it fits the song. You wanna be like Amon Amarth or something like that. Long hair with beards or something almost like viking metal. These guys look like they deliver UberEats. When you see [sword fighting] you’re like, ‘Ahh man, that didn’t stand the test of time at all.’ It looks really dated.”

Florentine also watched a 2000s high school football team’s horrific nu-metal video, “Win Win Win.” “First of all, I’m not buying it. It’s all white football players,” he pointed out. “This team looks like they stink.”

“I’ll cut ‘em a break because they’re in high school and they’re probably trying to get girls. There’s no high school girls that are into heavy metal, so I don’t know what they’re trying to prove with this. It was almost like a b-side of a Limp Bizkit song.”

Watch Jim Florentine react to metal’s dumbest videos in the clip below and click here to catch Florentine’s Everybody is Awful podcast on Barstool Sports.

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