"News Be Funny" just put out their compilation of bloopers from September. The video is over 11 minutes long but I’ve annotated what I think are the highlights in a list, below.

First, a couple of semi-related observations.

  • 1.) Since I’ve started blogging these I’ve noticed something I call the Law of Inverse Mass to Viewership Ratio. It states: “The smaller the TV market gets the LARGER the weather girls get.”
  • 2.) I don’t know if you’re getting the same ads I am during this video but that new Jedi: Fallen Order game for XBOX looks sweeeeeet!
  • :21 The guy in Philadelphia who became a hero after catching small children being tossed out of a burning building…who uses his newfound media exposure to IMMEDIATELY bash Eagles WR Nelson Agholor!
  • :27 The guy who literally Naruto runs behind the reporter at the Storm Area 51 event.
  • :35 Until she explains what’s actually going on this has a very BangBros vibe going on.
  • 1:03 Millennials, amiright?
  • 1:28 Again! Millennials!!
  • 8:44 This reminds me of when I was 10 and I thought loosening the lids on the pepper shakers was the funniest thing that anyone ever came up with.
  • 9:37 This is basically the best argument for CGI over practical effects I’ve ever seen.

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