We’re halfway through the month of August and that means…the video of the Funniest Local News Bloopers of July is ready.

Before we get to the video here are a few of my favorite highlights from the July batch:

  • :00—Right out of the gate. “I’m Kate Merrill” says the guy sitting right next to Kate Merrill. Classic
  • 1:08—“And now, the weather…brought to you by ACID! LSD. It’s what’s for breakfast!”
  • 1:36---Every. Single. Thing…this news lady says is WRONG. So, so very wrong.
  • 6:22---In this clip the reporter is speaking a foreign language. I can’t identify the language but the guy who walks up behind her is speaking a universal language.
  • 6:37---How long are you going to let this go on before somebody pulls out a sharpie?? Just write the number for her ,guys!
  • 8:02---Lea Solanga is an award winning actress and singer. She did the voice of two…TWO…Disney Princesses, Jasmine and Mulan. She has no idea who Anna Hughes is and, of course she’s not boycotting airplanes. Lea Solanga just has a magic carpet fly her anywhere she wants to go. Idiots.

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