The "News Be Funny" folks are back with their latest compilation. It’s the Funniest Local News Moments of November 2019! For a November compilation there sure are a lot of Halloween segments. I guess Halloween IS the last day of November so we’ll let it slide this time. Here are a few of my hand-selected highlights from the November video:

  • 00:16 Personally, I appreciate a woman who can belch like a champ. It belies a certain lust for life.
  • 00:37 It’s like I’ve always said, “Uniforms are pussy magnets”
  • 1:41 Let’s tune in as this lady in a witch costume with a plunging neckline explains the difference between being “a nibbler” and “a gobbler” to us. Ah…must be sweeps week.
  • 5:38 Here’s your sharting update for today. Usually, the sharting segment doesn’t happen until AFTER the cooking segment.
  • 7:50 If you’re going to have an uncontrollable laughing fit it IS best to have during a story about a NON-fatality fire.

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