If you've ever struggled with credit card debt, you know that sometimes you could just use a break. Well, apparently all you have to do is ask. The credit card companies are known for looking to squeeze every last penny out of you, but according to creditcard.com there are four simple things you can ask for that you'll most likely get.

  1. Waive a late payment fee.  This isn't something you can do all the time, so don't think you can always pay late and get it. But only 25% of people have asked and it worked 87% of the time.
  2. Up your credit limit.  If you for some reason want to up your credit limit, you usually can. 28% of people have asked, and it worked 89% of the time.
  3. Lower your interest rate.  Next time you're paying your bill, take a look at the interest rate. There's a good possibility it's higher than you think. 19% of people have asked, and it worked 69% of the time.
  4. Waive their annual fee.  Only 11% of people have asked for it.  51% had it waived, and another 31% ended up paying a lower fee.  So that's an 82% success rate.

The survey did find it's a little harder for younger people to get a yes on all that stuff.  But once you hit your mid-to-late 20's, your chances go way up. 93% of people between 27 and 36 who've asked for any of those four things have gotten a yes at least once.

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