Some strange lights were seen over Fort Bliss in El Paso over the weekend. Now the military is answering the question as to what the lights were. 

Public affairs specialist at Fort Bliss, Gilbert Telles Jr. said:

"The lights seen this past weekend are artillery flares. A unit had been training that early evening at the Doña Ana training ranges."

There is footage of the lights from that night.

The National Weather Service was contacted about the lights, but they responded on Monday that the lights weren't connected to anything from them, saying:

We launch them at local time around 4 p.m. so they are looking to be done with the flight around 6 p.m. at the latest. The times don’t really match up and we don’t put any lights on our weather balloons.

Now that this mystery is solved, it's time to figure out what the Marfa Lights are.

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