Several months before Scott Weiland died on his tour bus in early December, Filter frontman Richard Patrick made headlines when he predicted that Weiland would end up being "a rock star legend that died in a hotel room with a needle sticking out of his arm" if he continued on the path that he was on. Weiland, himself, responded to Patrick's statement, saying, "I haven't had a needle in my arm in 13 years."

Sadly, Patrick's words proved to be quite prophetic, as Weiland died from an overdose of cocaine, MDA (a form of ecstacy) and alcohol. We recently had Patrick in our studio to discuss Filter's upcoming album, Crazy Eyes, and he took some time to address Weiland's death.

In the exclusive video interview above, Patrick tells us, "Scott suffered from a disease that I suffer from -- addiction ... There's something about the singer or the personality in the band where you get addicted to drugs." The Filter frontman goes on to detail his own struggles, before returning to speaking on Weiland, saying, "The thing with addiction is it's a self-diagnosed disease, so if you don't know you're an addict ... you're gonna die ... There was clearly neurological damage with [Weiland]."

Patrick goes into much further detail on the subject, including his own drug experiences with Weiland, his thoughts on fans' reactions to Stone Temple Pilots tapping Chester Bennington as their lead singer and much more -- so we encourage you to watch the video above for his full perspective on Weiland's death.

Filter's new album, Crazy Eyes, arrives April 8.

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