The Internet is good at getting people to do stupid things. Eat tide pods. Dance outside of a moving car. And drink bleach?

Yup, that's the latest Internet trend that has apparently hit, as federal regulators had to issue a warning, telling people to stop drinking a chlorine dioxide solution. It's being promoted online as a remedy for everything from HIV/AIDS to autism to cancer.

Proof yet again, DON'T believe everything on the Internet, especially when it comes to something as dangerous as bleach. FDA acting Commissioner Ned Sharpless said:

“Ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach. Consumers should not use these products, and parents should not give these products to their children for any reason.”

There have been more than 16,000 related cases managed by by poison control centers over the past 5 years.

It was also about 20 years ago the solution was being touted as a cure-all by a former Scientologist, who ended up founding a church called Genesis II, that was all about "health and healing."

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