There have been flyers popping up in El Paso that say the following:

Parents and Boys. If your kids want some thing to do at school breaks, I’m am a truck driver. If your kids want to see different places I’m willing to let them go with me. My trucks have GPS tracking so you know where we are at all times. I pay them $100 a week teaches them responsibility, kids are well guarded. This keeps me from being bored. If interested call.

At the bottom of the flyer were tabs to pull a number to get a hold of this driver.

Yes, this does seem strange. Strange enough that the FBI got involved and have taken a man into custody in regards to the letters that were being posted. The man's name and other details, including if any specific charges would be filed, have been withheld.

The FBI has also asked for everyone to keep a look out for any more of the flyers, and to contact them if any are found. You can contact the FBI by calling 915-832-5000.

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