If you grew up hanging around your abuelita's house then you may have heard of Fernando Colunga. If you don't recognize the name, trust me, you'll recognize the face. He is one of the most famous Mexican telenovela's stars- he starred in the holy trinity of "Maria's" novelas: Maria Mercedes", "Maria La Del Barrio" and "Marimar." As dramatic and cheesy as his characters were, you couldn't help but fall in love with him. Trust me when I say that every time I go to Mexico I search for my very own Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro.

But me and all my fellow novela watchers aren't the only ones who have been charmed by Colunga, his chiseled jaw and tight abs have also captivated viewers in the unlikeliest of places: SERBIA. Serbian rockers have taken notice and decided to dedicate their music to the God of novelas naming themselves: Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience.

At first I didn't really think Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience (or FCUE) existed until I checked out their hit song "Fernando Colunga is Chuck Norris of the Mexican Soap Operas" and it's like my love of metal and Fernando Colunga manifested.

They have a Facebook page, and recently they've gotten major views all thanks to Mexican fans. I can't really make out much because everything is in what I think is Slavic? But, anyways, I am loving the artwork they're sharing:

(Why am I more attracted to him in that picture?!)

You can check out more artwork on their Facebook page and listen to their music here.

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