For the past week we, the Mosho, and our listeners have been coming up with costume mash-up ideas. A costume mash-up is where you take two characters and combine them thereby making your Halloween costume a pun of sorts.  Previously, we'd had "Ronald McDonald Trump", "Stevie Wonder Woman" and "Kylo Ren and Stimpy".

Well, here are a few more last minute costume Mash-Up ideas for 2016.

First, I'll give the description of the costume and then I'll reveal what the costume is supposed to be.

  • Description:  You dress as the King of Pop. White sequined glove, sequined jacket and jaunty fedora. Also, you take a canvas which you splatter with multiple colors of paint.
  • You Are: Michael Jackson Pollock

  • Description: You dress as the captain of the Millennium Falcon. You also wear a big red cylinder around your torso.
  • You Are: Han Solo Cup 

  • Description:  You dress as a masked Mexican wrestler. You also wear a purple backpack, orange shorts and pink shirt and a pageboy wig.
  • You Are:  Luchadora the Explorer 

  • Description: You dress as the Father of Our Country. You also wear a monkey mask and have a tail.
  • You Are: Curious George Washington

  • Description: You get an older friend who kind of looks like Bernie Sanders and have him wear sunglasses. Then, you and a buddy stand on either side of him and drag him along everywhere you go.
  • You Are: Weekend at Bernie Sanders

Here are a few more. You can probably figure out how to make these before next Halloween!

  • Alice Cooper in Wonderland
  • Edgar Allan Poe Damron
  • Malibu Ken Bone
  • Colin Kaepernick Fury
  • Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Harley Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • Mad Max Headroom
  • Little Richard Ramirez
  • Peewee Herman Munster
  • Ringo Starr Lord
  • Rick James Bond
  • Carmello Anthony Weiner
  • Aunt Flo from Progressive
  • Dr. Evil Knievel
  • Beetlejuice Newton

You get the idea.

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