It was a long time in the making but I'm very happy to announce that me and Emily (Intern Emily for those of you in the know) have officially started our own podcast! Yeah, yeah, we know- EVERYONE has a podcast these days, even the Buzz Adams Morning Show has their own podcast. You can still totally listen to that one! This is just an extension of that podcast. You can hear the first episode here!

With "What the Buzz" you'll get an inside and behind the scenes look at The Buzz Adams Morning Show. Emily and I have been working here long enough to know the ins an outs of how this station works- and most importantly, you may be able to hear some exclusive tea (aka gossip).

If you're not a frequent listener of the Buzz Adams Morning Show, don't worry, you won't be left out! We'll talk about some stuff on the show but for the most part it will be all about working here and encounters outside of the station as a member of the Buzz Adams Morning Show and a member of the KLAQ legacy.

We'll have a different theme each week (up next is Valentine's day!). We also love to answer your questions so feel free to send us your questions to the Buzz Adams Show Instagram or Twitter or the KLAQ Instagram & Twitter! You can also send me questions directly to my Instagram- JoannaBarbacoa.  Again you can listen to the first episode entitled "Oh, hi there!" on SoundCloud.


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