Wal-Mart plans to open the Cielo Vista store in early November. The chain store giant says that the construction work on the interior of the building has been progressing smoothly.

We are currently working toward re-opening the store on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Our associates will be completing their temporary store assignments over the next few weeks and returning to the Cielo Vista location in early October to help prepare their store to serve the community again.

The vast majority of the workers from the Cielo Vista store, about 93%, have been placed in temporary jobs at others stores throughout the city.

The renovated store will also feature a permanent on-site memorial to honor the victims from the August 3rd shooting. Hargrove says the goal of the memorial is to "convey a message of unity". The shooting on August 3rd took the lives of 22 people, while injuring 24 others.

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