Cuffing season is officially underway across the nation. The temperatures are dropping which means it's time to find someone to cuddle up with to keep warm while you watch Netflix; at least for the winter season. In El Paso, that means we need to find someone to take to Thanksgiving and Christmas so that our tia's can stop asking "Y el novio?" when they know damn well we don't have a boyfriend! It's basically them saying: "Oh, you STILL don't have a boyfriend?" But I digress.

If you're not sure what cuffing season is, it's real simple: it's basically when single people settle into temporary relationships to get through the winter. Those relationships rarely survive to spring break. If you were hoping to cuff someone here in the borderland, perhaps that hottie dressed as a pirate you were making out with at the bar on Halloween? Bad news. El Paso has been ranked as the WORST city for cuffing season.

Using dating from their "Singles in America" survey, Match compiled a list of best and worst cities for cuffing season based on the cities interest in casual dating and how much, or how little, sex singles are having. The cities that ranked most successful for cuffing season were where singles are having the most sex and still casually dating. The most successful city for cuffing season is Indianapolis, followed by San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Memphis, Houston, San Antonio, Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for us here in the Sun City, we've ranked worst. According to Match, the 915 is having the least sex while still being interested in casual dating. We're not alone though, other cities that ranked as worst cities are Washington D.C., Fort Worth, New York City and Dallas.

While we here in the Sun City are dating, we're not really hooking it up, which is not bad, but if you were looking to Netflix and chill with your cuffing season mate, it's likely that you won't find one here. So, it looks like most of us will still have to deal with annoying questions from our tia's like "Are you seeing someone?" at Thanksgiving while we serve ourselves more wine and food, because it's looking like that's the only thing I'm cuffing this season.

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