I grew up around a lot of music. The big one was Queen. When I was just a few years old, I would push a toy truck in front of our stereo so I could reach the tape deck. There was a Queen cassette ready to go at all times and I knew where the play button was. I enjoyed rock n roll so much as a kid, it's just about the only thing my parents put in my baby book. It said something to the effect of "Brandon enjoys listening to rock music loudly."

Well, another band that was a big part of my childhood was Dire Straits. Yesterday on the show, Buzz cracked a Dire Straits joke that fell flat to Lisa and Nico. They had no clue who Dire Straits is. Well, they have one of the best selling albums of all time. Brothers In Arms, released in 1985 has sold 17.7 million copies. That puts it up there with Pink FloydMetallica, and Nirvana.

Now, time to enjoy some Dire Straits.

Money for Nothing (video courtesy of mzq88)

Sultans of Swing (video courtesy of Fritzes007)

Walk of Life (video courtesy of JackHammer961)




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