I think it was last week that we were talking about it being the week most people give up on their New Years resolutions. If you had a resolution of either losing weight or just burning calories in general. Here are some easy ways to do it courtesy of The Huffington Post.

  • 100 Calories: Play with a puppy or dog for 30 minutes
  • 200 Calories: Go for a leisurely 45 minute bike ride. And really leisurely, as in not even needing to sweat.
  • 300 Calories: Throw a frisbee around for 90 minutes.
  • 400 Calories: There are a few for this one.
    • Help a friend move. Not only are you being a good friend but you are also burning calories.
    • Rake up all the leaves in your yard and jump in the pile. Come on. How is that not fun?
    • Go bowling for a couple hours. Most people might not consider bowling a real sport, but it does burn calories. And if you aren't necessarily looking to lose weight, at least you'll be burning calories from the beer and pizza.