Alright, this is pretty inventive. YouTuber Davie504 has put together a medley of Tool songs by using actual tools.

Davie loves to play songs by bands with things the groups who wrote the songs are named after, like playing Red Hot Chili Peppers using a red hot chili pepper. He also loves playing songs using the things that the bands who wrote the songs wrote them about, such as jamming Pink Floyd’s “Money” using money. Still with us? Well, this time around, Tool was the influence.

We assume his first idea was playing “Ticks & Leeches” after collecting thousands of bloodsucking bugs, but after the little creatures were smooshed into Davie’s bass pickups, playing Tool with items found in a toolbox seemed more reasonable.

Using a hex key as a pick isn’t that big of a deal, but the array of tools used to create percussion is what makes this interesting. Danny Carey’s drum parts are anything but simple, so creating complex rhythms by mixing together sounds from a hammer, tape measure, wrench, pliers, saws and more takes some creativity.

Davie throws together pieces of “Schism,” “Sober,” “Forty Six & 2” and more fan favorites in a two-minute medley that’s sure to make Tim Allen tap his toes. Check out the clip above!

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