Just in case you needed a reminder, no, deer can not read signs. That may seem crazy to say, but there are apparently people who need to be told this. If you don't believe me, just check out the call below.

There's also enough people in the state of Iowa that believe this, the Department of Transportation has to remind them that the signs with a deer aren't for the deers to know where to cross. It's a warning for drivers to be alert because they're in an area where deer tend to frequently cross the road.

When I recently drove to Houston, I saw my fair share of the deer crossing signs. And I'll tell ya, if you want a quick wake me up, have a deer dart out in front of you.

Now, here it is. The phone call. While the Department of Transportation in Iowa were the ones that had to create the post about the deer crossing signs, it's not exclusive to Iowa as this call comes from North Dakota.

Video courtesy of pictam


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