If you're looking to buy Halloween candy to hand out to Trick or Treaters, today is the day you want to buy the candy. In the last two years, researchers have found that four days before Halloween (today the 27th) is the day with the cheapest candy.

Of course the stores will be jacking up the prices this weekend and some will charge up to 42% more on the 30th (this Monday). If you can't make it to the store today, don't worry, you aren't going to be spending thousands of dollars of more on candy. Unless, that's how much you actually buy.

The difference is a matter of dollars, and the average person will spend about $22 on Halloween candy. All things combined, the average person spends about $80 on Halloween.

  • $22 for the candy
  • $27 on their costume
  • $21 on decorations
  • $10 on random items

Young people will spend the most money on Halloween costumes, averaging about $66 for their costume.

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