With Valentine's Day just a couple days away, we're talking all kinds of romance stories. A survey was recently, where dog owners talked about how they use their dog to signal red flags about a relationship.

Two-thirds of dog owners say that their four legged friend plays a role in their relationships, and 57% would not date someone their dog didn't like.

Here are 10 common red flags from dog owners.

  1. The date is jealous of the amount of attention the dog gets.
  2. The date is too rough with the dog.
  3. The date shows zero interest in the dog and ignore it.
  4. The date wants to put the dog in a separate room when they hang out.
  5. The date gets angry because they can't go anywhere because they have to take care of their dog.
  6. The date doesn't pet the dog.
  7. The date teases the dog.
  8. The date doesn't show any interest in the dog's health.
  9. The date says the dog smells.
  10. The date calls the dog overweight or ugly.

I understand some of this, but let's be honest, it sounds like some of this survey was done by weird dog people who feed their dog at the table with a fork, and no human will ever be as good as that dog.

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