I got into a huge discussion with my family about this over the holidays. Each of us got some item of clothing and once we were done opening gifts, I gathered up all the new clothes and proceeded to wash them. My sister and mom thought I was crazy. They do not wash clothes before they were them.

This shocked me, because people are f###ing gross. Just imagine whatever gross rash or oozing wound someone had before they tried on that specific shirt, and put it back on the rack because it didn't fit. Well, apparently part of my claim is backed up. But not for my reasoning.

Self.com has an article about whether or not you should wash new clothes before you wear them. And the experts say yes. But it's not because of what possible gross infection someone who tried on that article of clothing had, it's because of what the companies use to make the clothing. Some companies use preservatives on their clothing like formaldehyde to prevent mildew while the clothes are being shipped.

So next time you get some new clothing. Wash it, then wear it.

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