Years ago when I worked in Florida, I worked with DJ Khaled. He was the night time DJ on the hip hop station. But I'm still not sure what exactly he did. All I ever saw him doing was walking around yelling on his phone. And yelling as in angry, just yelling. Because he apparently doesn't have volume control.

Normally, I wouldn't call someone out for something like what I'm about to say, but he wasn't always the nicest guy on the planet. He was kind of a douchebag. So here we go... DJ Khaled pees with his pants on the ground like a 4 year old.

This was not a one time occurrence either. It was every time. You walk into the bathroom on the second floor of the Cox Media Group Miami/Ft. Lauderdale building, and the urinals are on the right. Just hope Khaled isn't there, because if he is, you're getting an eyeful of gross man ass. But don't look the other direction too quickly, because to the left are the mirrors. Reflected gross man ass. Every... damn... time...

It looks like to honey baked hams.

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