Texas isn't the only state where you can't buy booze on Sunday. In fact, there are twelve states that don't let you buy booze on Sundays. In Indiana, you actually can't buy booze, wine, or beer on Sunday.

However one of those states might be changing the ancient law shortly. Minnesota recently got one step closer to allowing booze sales on Sundays.

"We've been hearing loud and clear from our constituents that it's time to get this done," said Sen. Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, chief author of the measure, which passed 38-28. "Today we have an opportunity to show Minnesota we're with the people."

Now, if you live in El Paso, it's not that big of a deal, because you can head just over the border into NEW Mexico and buy some booze on Sunday. But if you're in one of the other Buzz Adams Morning Show markets (Abilene, San Angelo, Midland/Odessa), this can certainly be more difficult.

So for now, it would best to stock up if you want booze on Sunday. Which really sucks, because you never know when a Bloody Mary craving is going to hit. You just better hope you have some vodka around if one does hit on a Sunday. At least until Texas moves out of the stone age.

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