David Cassidy passed away last week, and a few days after he did, his daughter his to Twitter to share with the world his final words. And those words were kind of sad.

"So much wasted time." If you're looking to make a resolution this coming up New Year, there's some motivation for you to get your butt in gear and start doing those things you've always wanted to do.

And just because, here are some other famous last words.

  • “I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis.” - Humphrey Bogart
  • “I finally get to see Marilyn.” - Joe DiMaggio
  • “Don’t you dare ask God to help me.” - Joan Crawford
  • “Surprise me.” - Bob Hope (His wife asked him where he wanted to be buried)
  • “I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully, and this is what I’ve dedicated my life to.” - Luciano Pavarotti
  • “I’m going to be with Gloria now.” - Jimmy Stewart
  • “I’m going away tonight.” - James Brown
  • “Oh, I am so bored with it all.” - Winston Churchill
  • “Why not? After all, it belongs to him.” - Charlie Chaplin (He was told “May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”)

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