Black Friday has come and gone, and now it's time for us to turn our attention to the Internet and Cyber Monday. Just how much money was spent on Black Friday? Over $5 billion. And it's estimated that we will spend approximately $6.6 billion on Cyber Monday. Here are some stats about Cyber Monday and how we plan to shop.

  1. How many people shop while at work? 41% of people said they spent at least an hour shopping at work on Cyber Monday last year.  And 23% plan to spend more time shopping today than they did last year.
  2. Is your boss okay with you shopping at work? 43% of workers said their boss is totally fine with them online shopping at work, or at least they think so.  31% said they're not sure, while 26% said it's definitely not okay.
  3. When we people shop on Cyber Monday? The most popular time to shop online at work today is during lunch, followed by whenever you have free time, and first thing in the morning.  1% said they'll do the majority of their shopping during boring meetings and conference calls.
  4. What age group will take advantage of Cyber Monday the most? Not surprisingly, Cyber Monday is much more popular with younger people.  Only 14% of people who plan to buy something today are 45 or older.
  5. How many people will skip work altogether to shop online? One out of 20 people said they were planning on skipping work today, so they could focus 100% on shopping.

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