Dave Grohl is set to appear on Nick Jr. children's show Ryan's Mystery Playdate. A preview shows the Foo Fighters frontman cavorting with the program's 7-year-old host and YouTube sensation Ryan Kaji, along with other children, including one that appears to be the rocker's youngest daughter.

The clip shared on Facebook Tuesday (Oct. 29) advises viewers to tune in for new episodes of Ryan's Mystery Playdate "all week long at 11:30a/10:30c on Nickelodeon!" However, it doesn't specify when the episode with Grohl as a guest will air. Watch the video down toward the bottom of this page.

"Hi everybody, I'm Dave Grohl," the musician offers by way of introduction in the preview. "I'm a rock 'n roll musician, but this is kind of the coolest thing yet. My daughter has been watching the show constantly, so it's like meeting a real rockstar. I'm not the rockstar here, Ryan is."

He continues, "It's important for every kid to learn about music and learn to play an instrument. But the best part is when you get together with your friends and play a song. That's the best thing."

The episode will likely debut Thursday, Oct. 31, judging by Nickelodeon's programming schedule. The synopsis for the chapter titled "Ryan's Legendary Playdate/Ryan's Master Handed Playdate" — which doesn't mention Grohl by name — reads, "Ryan rocks and shreds through challenges before going for the record with his legendary playdate. Ryan must shine a light on some challenges before putting on a charaded performance with his mystery playdate."

Ryan's Mystery Playdate is now in its second season after it initially premiered in April. The show's based on the popular YouTube channel "Ryan's World," formerly "Ryan ToysReview."

Dave Grohl on Ryan's Mystery Playdate Preview (Oct. 29, 2019)

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