Girl on the Third Floor is out now, right in time for Halloween! To celebrate the new horror flick, we invited star CM Punk and director Travis Stevens (Starry Eyes / Jodorowsky's Dune) to talk about the film and their favorite horror movies of all time.

One of the main themes of Girl on the Third Floor is isolation. The claustrophobic home slowly drives Punk’s character to madness, in a similar vein to the Shining. However, Punk points to another classic which closes its walls around viewers.

“John Carpenter — The Thing. You’re isolated on a continent that not a lot of people have even been on. You’re isolated from the real world, you’re isolated from various other countries that have camps on that continent, and then you’re isolated within that compound … The movie isn’t about claustrophobia and it doesn’t make you think about that, but if you’re smart, ‘I get it, then.’”

Watching Girl on the Third Floor will change the way you see a bag of marbles. As for how they’re used in the film, Stevens explains, “My job was to give them a personality and find a way to thread them throughout the movie, so that when he’s actually assaulted by them, it had some significance. We were always just throwing marbles into scenes. A lot of Easter Eggs.”

As for other inanimate objects that horror movies immortalized, Punk raves, “If you show me an axe, I’m gonna be like, Jack Torrence. Freddy has his glove, Jason has a machete… we have marbles.”

Watch our interview with Punk and Stevens above and make sure to watch Girl on the Third Floor in select theaters and video on demand.

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