Jake Lloyd played a young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace. He had to endure a TON of negative comments about his portrayal of the son-to-be Darth Vader. Because that makes perfect sense, to bash a 10-year-old over a movie role.

Needless to say, things have not gone well for Jake Lloyd. His parents recently released a statement about his health. 

We would like to thank everyone for their kind words, their support, and goodwill. Jake has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but unfortunately he also has a symptom called anosognosia which causes a lack of insight into his illness. This only adds to the struggle he faces, which has been very difficult after the tragic loss of his younger sister, Madison. He has moved closer to his family and we are all working hard to help him with this. He is still a kind and caring person and we hope to have him back to his fun and entertaining self as soon as possible. Jake will continue to make progress with the love and support you continue to show.


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