Valentine’s Day surely conjures up wholesome images of flowers, candy, hearts and romantic tunes, but it’s the creepiest love songs we’re spotlighting right now. Don’t let the soft hallmarks of this Hallmark holiday fool you, for Valentine’s Day is the darkest holiday of all.

The origins of the holiday trace back to ancient Rome. From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, an annual fertility ritual. During the festivities, everyone would get naked and loaded on booze while men would sacrifice goats and dogs so that they could whip the nude women with their freshly procured flesh. The belief was that these lashings would increase a woman’s fertility. At the end of the festival, pairs of men and women would be coupled off so they could get freaky for the rest of the night.

Eventually, Catholicism adapted the holiday, which is believed to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was beheaded for performing unauthorized marriage ceremonies. Brutal, huh?

Check out the 14 Creepiest Love Songs below.

The 14 Creepiest Love Songs


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