In March, Danzig announced a number of Spring 2022 tour dates across the United States with Cradle of Filth, Tiger Army and Crobot that will include a complete performance of their Lucifuge album scheduled for May 7 at Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

As the latest guest on with Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program, Glenn Danzig himself gave details on the tour including what goes into picking bands and artists to accompany him on the road. The Misfits legend also shared his thoughts on musical institutions such as the Grammys, noting that they don't give heavy metal bands the attention they deserve.

"You don’t really see it represented at that shit they call the Grammys," said Danzig, "There’s so many people out there that you know are musically and creatively disenfranchised by the whole system. So that’s why you have bands that will go out on tour and play places that would normally be reserved for the pop bands. These bands get no coverage or recognition, but they’re still selling out big theaters and arenas."

The tour kicks off on May 5 at the Grand Sierra Theater in Reno, Nevada.

Read the full interview below.

Big news, there’s going to be a Danzig U.S. tour in the spring. There’s going to be Cradle of Filth and Crobot along for the ride as well. Glenn, creativity and self-expression are ingrained characteristics, what sparked that urge when you were a kid to explore your imagination in a tangible way?

Um, I don’t really know. You know, you just want to be creative and then you want to take it to the world I guess, I don’t know. I think especially back in the day most of us didn’t feel like we were being represented in the kind of music and stuff that we liked so we all just started doing what we liked as opposed to what was being jammed down your throat by some radio station or some magazine or something like that so we just created our own thing that we liked.

There’s a run of shows coming up including one where you’re going to play the entire Danzig Lucifuge album. Although you typically don’t seem to be nostalgic about your own music, what’s unique about that album and those particular songs?

So many different things. Of course it was the first album that really broke the Top 50 for us so the label took notice. We started playing bigger venues and getting more worldwide recognition, but I think it was just that something struck a chord with the rebelliousness of the record at the time. It was all hair bands you know that’s what was being played and we were like the antithesis of that.

Danzig II
Def American

Are you looking forward to playing the entire record for that show?

Yeah, we did it last year for Psycho Las Vegas and people loved it so we had an offer to do it in Ontario, California. Toyota Arena put together a really good bill so we accepted and said yeah. It’s a great lineup. Danzig are doing the Lucifuge album, but you’ve got Tiger Army and Cradle of Filth who, I’ve known Dani [Filth] for a while and we’ve wanted to do shows together here in the United States other than the festival situation so, finally, that’s going to happen. And Crobot and an opener called Necrofier that will be on the bill.

Very cool lineup as usual, you always have a hand in picking bands that you’re a fan of.

[I select] bands that I’m a fan of and that I think people should hear also.

I remember back in the day no one would take us out and it was for a lot of different reasons. They were scared — sometimes they were scared of our audience, and that was coming straight from [the artists'] management. They were like, "We’re scared of your audience," or, "We’re scared of what you say and what you do," so I just make a point of it to try and take out really good bands and bands that I think people should hear or that I would like to be on the same stage with that I appreciate.

Danzig the band has given you flexibility to play with different musicians. Musically and personally, what do you like about the people who will be on stage with you on this upcoming run of dates?

Tommy [Victor] has to be one of my top all time favorite guitar players. It’s so easy working with Tommy. And Steve [Zing] I’ve known since I was a kid, so it’s just easy to work with everybody.

Danzig, "Blood and Tears" — Live in Los Angeles in 2018

There’s a tendency to label Danzig, Samhain, and Misfits as iconic. Does that stature make you feel accomplished, or is it uncomfortable?

I never really think about it. I just do what I do and hope people appreciate it and if not, then that sense of individual accomplishment is really what I strive for.

So you ultimately do it for you?

I do it for me, but I also do it for the people who are looking for something like what I do and they can’t get it somewhere else. So that goes back to the old punk thing we were doing for people who don’t really get [recognition]. I still think heavy metal, or whatever you wanna call it, really doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. That’s what I think. You don’t really see it represented at that shit they call the Grammys. You can tell them I said so.

There’s so many people out there who are musically and creatively disenfranchised by the whole system. That’s why you have bands that will go out on tour and play places that you know would normally be reserved for the pop bands. These bands get no coverage or recognition but they’re still selling out big theaters and arenas.

Between music, movies, and comic books creatively you never seem to be idle. Aside from the upcoming shows, what other projects are you focused on right now?

We have a couple new comics and art books coming out (UNKNOWN, 8:08) and then I’m working on four movie scripts right now. We’re still taking Death Rider In the House of Vampires to theaters across the country.

I think I’m going to do some Danzig Sings Elvis shows again this summer in between whatever I do in the fall.

Danzig, "Always on My Mind" (Elvis Presley cover)

I’m gonna ask you until we’re not around anymore to talk about it, but I’ve always sort of come back and gone “Hey, looking back at your younger self and anger and rebelliousness, do you still feel that way today Glenn?”


You’re still angry?

Yeah, I’m still pissed off about so much stuff that I see. But, I think now, I’m not as crazy as maybe I was then. I’m more tempered.

Thanks to Glenn Danzig for the interview. Get your copy of 'Danzig Sings Elvis' here and head to his website for tickets and tour information. Follow Danzig on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify and find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.

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