Michael Irvin seems to think the Cowboys want to trade Dak Prescott for Tom Brady. They're both free agents, so a trade would seem odd, but there could always be a sign and trade.

As of right now, it seems the Cowboys are doing what they can to get Dak signed to a new deal before he officially becomes a free agent. They would also like to have the contract done before the franchise tag window closes on March 10th.

The Cowboys do still have to get Amari Cooper signed as well. In a perfect world, the team would be able to get both players signed before the franchise tag window closes, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if the team could get one signed now, and franchise tag the other while they work out a long term deal.

There is another option if neither player gets signed, and that's use the franchise tag on Dak and the transition tag on Cooper. The different being that another team could sign Cooper to a deal that the Cowboys would have to match to keep the wide receiver.

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