I love conspiracy theories. Do I believe them? No, but they are fun to read. So someone over on reddit asked the question "What conspiracy theories do you think are too logical to ignore?"

Here are some of the top answers:

  • 1.) Kennedy gets elected

    2.) Kennedy is critical of the CIA, his own VP and military for wanting to turn the cold war into a hot one and the willingness to perform false flag operations (Project Northwoods) to do it.

    3.) Kennedy is shot

    4.) His VP takes power

    5.) [Classified]

  • Pretty sure I saw it here on reddit at one point. But someone brought up the art trade. That these million dollar art shows/individual pieces that go for insanely high prices are just a way for money laundering
  • Amazed that I haven't seen Gary Webb mentioned. Exposed the CIA for assisting in drug trafficking and "commit suicide" with 2 bullets to the head.
  • The Denver Airport theory. I mean the capstone of the building literally has the Freemason logo on it, there’s some weird ass apocalypse murals on the walls, the runways look like a swastika, and there’s a 50 foot tall horse statue with red glowing eyes. I mean seriously who the f*** designed that place
  • Dr Claw is the REAL inspector gadget.

    Human Gadget (Claw) was blown up in a terrible accident, causing everyone to think he is dead. Due to his disfigurement he hides from his family. Grief stricken, his genius neice Penny builds a robot uncle Gadget to fight crime and be the uncle she misses. Claw seeks to destroy the machine that essentially took his place.

    It's why we never see Claw's face, his screwed up voice and I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting.

  • Some torture devices such as the iron maiden were made up hundreds of years later so people would think "well, a regular hangin' ain't too bad then."
  • Let me introduce you to #WonkaPiercer, the theory that Oscar winning director Bong Jun-Ho made a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with his 2012 film Snowpiercer.
  • This one isn’t as serious as most of the ones on here, but i enjoy it and have gotten into many a convo about it.

    In the 2017 NBA playoffs a player named Markieff Morris, who at the time played for the Washington Wizards, hurt his ankle in game one. This was only 11minutes into the game and he didn’t return. The injury looked like he would be out for a couple weeks and no one expected him to play game 2. But, he showed up game 2 and played as if he was never injured, in fact, had his best game statistically of the playoffs to that point.

    Here’s where it gets interesting, Markieff Morris has an identical twin brother named Marcus who also plays in the NBA. His brother was playing for the Pistons, who were eliminated from the playoffs already.

    The theory is that Marcus played for his brother. Both brothers have the exact same tattoos and don’t have any super apparent different traits.

This last one absolutely blew my mind! Here is a video about this conspiracy.


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