Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, TX has some pretty amazing stories and famous residents. Including:

  • John Wesley Hardin - Arguably the most famous resident of Concordia Cemetery, John Wesley Hardin was a famous gunfighter who was shot and killed in El Paso on August 19, 1895. Back in the 90s, there was a group from Nixon, TX who felt they should have the rights to Hardin's body, so they showed up with shovels and pick axes to exhume the body. Ultimately they were turned away and a court ruled that Hardin was to remain in El Paso.
  • Jacob Rheuben Erlich - Better known as Jack Earle, he as an actor in silent movies and had a 15 year career with Ringling Bros. Oh, and the reason he was hired by Ringing Bros. was he was listed at 8 feet 6 inches tall.
  • John Selman - The man who killed John Wesley Hardin.

Interesting fact about Concordia Cemetery, it's the only place to have a Chinese cemetery in Texas.

So what is this video about? Joanna and I went and did the ghost tour and they take you to the area known as "Hell's Gate."

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