If you've ever been given the honor of a photo pit pass at a concert, there are a few rules you should follow when grabbing those epic shots at the show. Whenever you go and see a live performance of almost anything, you're almost guaranteed that for the first three songs, you'll see a cluster of photographers in front of the crowd, snapping as many photos as they can. Many of these photographers you can see at almost any concert in town. Not just anybody can get a photo pit pass and what many don't know are the rules that the photogs follow while inside the pit. Almost all of those unwritten rules are broken by this one photographer in this video.

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp was happening this past weekend in Las Vegas for some lucky musicians who could afford it. The rock and roll superstars mentoring were Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Lou Gramm from Foreigner, and Vince Neil from Motley Crue. One lucky camper got to sing a duet with Vince Neil during camp and the video of the jam session ended up online. Her vocals should be the focus of the video but people are too busy focusing on the rude photographer. From keeping his flash on his camera while shooting, sticking his camera right in the face of the performers, blocking other photographers shot by standing right in the front and more, he probably angered more than one person in the room. Most likely everyone except for the girl singing with Vince Neil, since the video now has over 14,000 views on Youtube. So the real winner here is obviously Alex.

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