The Internet can be a horrible, horrible place. But, it can also be a very informative place. Just like this askreddit thread I found:

  • "Leave no trace" enjoyment of natural environments. - DentedAnvil
  • Choose your battles. You don’t have to go pedal to the metal regarding everything. Let some things slide to save your sanity. - flyerflew
  • Taking criticism. Could be simple or not, but knowing how to take it in and then reflect on it rather than immediately getting angry that someone had an issue with you. Although, some people could also learn how to give criticism without being a jerk about it, I think I could learn more about the latter. - funckman
  • Spatial awareness. Yes, I am trying to get around you. Yes, there is a car here! Try not to switch lanes right into me - thanks! Yes, you and your bitch ass friends are standing in the middle of the walkway/doorway/etc. MOVE - WitherWithout
  • Let people get off the elevator before trying to get on. - clodprince
  • Problem solving. I work with way too many people who just give up when things get even a little complicated which means it usually ends up finding its way to me because I'm known as someone who can figure things out. Or maybe I need to practice the concept of "not my job" more. That might help me :) - Cinema_King
  • Shutting down a computer that is not in use. Rebooting will solve 9/10 computer problems. Shutting the computer down when not in use will help deter those same type of problems from occurring. I work IT Help Desk for a call center and we have a lot of people working remotely from their homes. Someone the other day called me saying their whole setup was running slowly. Check Task Manager and I'll be damned - 80 days uptime and counting. - Explain_like_Im_Civ5

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