Sometimes I feel I almost have to let you know that yes, you read that headline correct. Because you did. But now, let me explain.

British Airways is one airline that will start charging passengers a "complaint fee." Yes, you will be charged, to complain. Chances are you won't have to deal with this yet, unless you're flying over to the U.K. But it could easily make it's way over here to the U.S.

Several U.K. airlines will start charging passengers about $33 to file a grievance. Now if you want to be ancient, you'll still be able to write a letter to file a complaint. But I'd be willing to bet those never even get delivered to the right people. Just end up on the baggage carousel, going around and around.

There is a bright side to having to pay though. Previously, any complaint and how much disgruntled passengers should be compensated, was not legally binding. But now that a third party is being brought in, they will be legally binding. And if your complaint is successful, you're money will be refunded. So just make sure your complaint is worth it.

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