A legendary artist who helped create a galaxy far, far away is coming to San Angelo Comic Con.

Colin Cantwell, who created concept art for models for vehicles in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, will be at this year's San Angelo Comic Con.

But Cantwell isn't just the man who created beloved Star Wars ships like the X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Y-Wing, Tie Fighter and Star Destroyer. He also designed the Death Star. The friggin' Death Star.

But it doesn't end there. Cantwell has also worked on other legendary sci-fi movies that entertained -- and inspired -- generations, such as Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and War Games.

Here's the full bio for Cantwell from San Angelo Comic Con:

Death Star Creator, Colin Cantwell, was the original concept artist and modeler for all things that flew in the first Star Wars movie, "A New Hope". His designs include the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Death Star, Star Destroyer, original Millennium Falcon, Y-Wing and others. ships. In addition to his contribution to Star Wars, Colin has been involved in several other iconic projects including working closely with Stanley Kubrick to design the space scenes and suggest the memorable music for "2001, A Space Odyssey"; sitting behind Walter Cronkite as the "Hal 9000 Computer" and giving Cronkite the flight progress to broadcast live on national TV during the first moon landing; designing the first OmniMax theater in San Diego; developing the first multi-color computer monitor for HP, and much more. He also worked on several other movies including, War Games, Close Encounters of a Third Kind and more.

We've already announced a bunch of cool stuff and amazing guests for this year's San Angelo Comic Con, including:

The 2018 San Angelo Comic Con happens Oct. 12th - 14th at the Foster Communications Coliseum. To get your tickets and more information, visit their official site.

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