It's one of my favorite clips to play on the morning show. Alex Jones talking about chemicals making frogs gay.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, you could possibly chalk another win up for Alex Jones. He was warning of Jeffrey Epstein and his island years ago, and now it sounds like there are chemicals that are turning wildlife gay.

This article comes from TODAYONLINE.

Experts are warning that Malaysians are facing a new threat. Pollutants, called endocrine disrupters are altering fish hormones, turning the fish "gay" or even "transsexual".

The EPA has said that there are cases of wildlife having adverse health consequences when their endocrine system gets messed with. According to hydro-chemistry expert Prof Ahmad Zaharin Aris:

They changed fish sexual preferences by disrupting their hormones so that males become attracted to males and females to females. In essence, gay and lesbian fish.

Of course, this isn't anything new. Just think about Jurassic Park and how they use the DNA of frogs to fill in the holes of the dino DNA. And as they explain...

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