Matthew McConaughey is probably the most famous Texas Longhorn out there. It seems like he's at every damn sporting event. Hell, he was even on the bench and in the huddle acting like a coach last weekend when the Longhorns took on the Sooners.

So this got me thinking. Who would be other school's celebrity coach?

Well, we can start with USC. Which can be difficult because you have the likes of George Lucas, Forest Whitaker, Robert Zemekis, Judd Apatow, John Wayne, Neil FLIPPIN Armstrong! The list is endless, But for this, you have to go with Will Ferrell.

Not to be outdone, there's Ken Jeong rooting on his alme mater, Duke.

Octavia Spencer graduated from Auburn in 1994, but almost had to be reminded of War Eagle.

Tina Fey went Virginia and graduated in 1992.

And you can't forget, arguably the biggest University of Kentucky fan ever, Ashley Judd.

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