Ezekiel Elliott signed his big contract extension just before the 2019 season. Cowboys' vice president Stephen Jones has said the team's top priority this off season is Dak Prescott's contract. So where does that leave Amari Cooper?

Well, let's start with his 2019 numbers.

  • 79 receptions (22nd in the league)
  • 1,189 receiving yards (8th)
  • 8 receiving touchdowns (9th)
  • Long-term extension - Obviously if you want to keep the big 3 together, this is the option for you. But what's the cost going to be? Rumors are, Cooper will be getting a new contract for about 5 years worth approximately $100 million. That's about $20 million per season, and would put him towards the top of the receivers list. Here is what some of the other top receivers have... well.. received.
    • Brandon Cooks – 5 yrs, $81 million (avg. $16,200,000)
    • Michael Thomas – 5 yrs, $96,250,000 (avg. $19,250,000)
    • Mike Evans – 5 yrs, $82,500,000 (avg. $16,500,000)
    • Julio Jones – 3 yrs, $66 million (avg. $22 million)
  • Franchise tag - Not an ideal situation, but could work in the short term while the two sides work out an extension. A franchise tag for Cooper would cost about $18.5 million for 2020.
  • Transition tag - This is similar to the franchise tag, but it's riskier because another team could offer Cooper a contract. The Cowboys would be able to match the contract, but don't have to. If they don't match the offer, there is no compensation.

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