It’s another Buzz vs. Joanna contest to see who can name the most of something in 90 seconds. Today’s topic is: Samuel L. Jackson movies.

It’s just been announced that the actor who portrayed both Mace Fury and Nick Windu will star in the upcoming Saw movie. Maybe you’ve heard about this one because the franchise is getting a reboot with Chris Rock starring as the cop trying to solve the latest Jigsaw murders. According to reports, the reboot came about because of Rock’s longtime love of the horror franchise. Apparently, Chris Rock set up a meeting with Lionsgate, came in and pitched his own idea for a story in the Saw fictional universe and the studio muckety-mucks were so impressed they agreed to do the film on the spot. Rock will also executive produce the film.

I should mention that some sources are calling it a “reboot” of the franchise while others are calling it a “reimagining” or something similar. So, are they doing a full reboot like Hollywood does with Spiderman every 8 years? Will they “pass the torch” to a new killer inspired by the original Jigsaw? Or, will it be like the trend in the 90s where every popular horror franchise eventually got an “urban” treatment (see 1999’s Leprechaun in the Hood, 1995’s Tales from the Hood, 1995’s Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest or 1996’s Nightmizzle on Elm Strizzle starring Snoop Dogg and Heather Lagenkamp) ?

We won’t know until 2020. But, for now, we can find out who can name the most Samuel L. Jackson movies…

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