This is difficult for me to do because I’m a very humble person who would hate to ever sound like he was bragging. But facts are facts and in the Morning Show Ax Throwing competition I utterly crushed the other members of the Mosho. The video below proves it. I rule. They drool.

We were invited out to a place that opened up recently called Relaxe which is owned by Julian Huerta. Julian must be a real expert on axe throwing because, as you’ll see in the video, he picked ME to be the winner.

Opinions vary as to why I’m so naturally gifted at the sport of competitive axe throwing. Maybe I was a Viking warrior in a previous life. Some observers have noted that my right forearm is mysteriously much more developed than a normal man’s. I tend to think my prowess emanates from the fact that I picked the coolest “axe” themed name. I was “Dr. Ax the Destroyer” which if you run the two words together is “Drax the Destroyer”. What an awesome Ax name.


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