Buzz’s most recent deliveries from one of his prescription-sleep-medication-induced shopping binges brought a few laughs to the MoSho. The most entertaining product was the “Offensive Crayon” set. Actually, it’s one of the most entertaining items in the history of “Doped-Up Internet Shopping).

Here’s the link to the Offensive Crayons website.  Word of warning, though: this product is not for the easily-offended. Or the averagely-offended, for that matter. You know what? You have to be kind of a d***-hole to find this s*** funny at all, how do you like that?

In fact, we ARE insensitive d***-holes and there were a few of these that even we were too afraid to say out loud.

Some examples: the white crayon says, “Privilege”.    The black crayon is labeled “Lives Matter”.  The pink one is “Self-Identifying Blue”. And these were the ones that we thought were safe enough to say. So, don’t blame us if you click on this video and get your precious little panties all in a bunch, ok?

With that out of the way, here’s our product review of “Offensive Crayons”.

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