The 89th annual Academy Awards are Sunday, and in a few hours I'll be flying off to L.A. to attend with my date and long-time side-piece Natalie Portman (sorry, Nats! The cat's out of the bag now).

Before I leave I wanted to post a few quick, parting thoughts.

I really enjoyed The Arrival ...or as I call it, "the gritty, live-action version of Kang and Kodos -- the two aliens from The Simpsons.

I loved Hidden Figures. And I "love-loved" the part where I found out Kevin Costner was a "good white guy."

I'm really hoping O.J.: Made in America wins Best Documentary. A.) It's the only one in the category I've seen and, B.) it finally convinced me that just maybe OJ wasn't really "100% Not Guilty."

Do you think when Mel Gibson makes a really good movie like Heartbreak Ridge it's kind of like when they included Leni Riefenstahl in the In Memoriam segment? Like, "yeah, he/she is a Nazi propagandist and probably shtupped Hitler ... but you can just feel his/her passion."

Hey, Ryan Gosling! I tried the trick of holding my key fob up to my head to increase the range. It's bullshit, man.

Two former cast-mates from The Mickey Mouse Club are nominated for Oscars this year: Ryan Gosling and Justin Timeberlake. So take that, actors who foolishly trained with the Royal Shakespeare Company!

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