Shim and I had just gotten done recording the El Paso shooting episode of Rockstar 101. He ran to his car real quick and when he came back we just started talking. Unfortunately I had stopped recording, because 2 minutes into the conversation Shim makes the comment "Oh my God, this is the next episode!"

So we quickly reset and decided to just roll with it and start a new episode of Rockstar 101.

What sparked the desire to make this an episode is I told Shim that I have unfortunately been around far too many white supremacists and Nazis in my lifetime. Of course he immediately reacts with laughter and confusion. After I start to explain the circumstances with which this happened, he wants to make it an episode of Rockstar 101.

To check out this episode, you can go to either Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or CLICK HERE to head to the Anchor page for the podcast.

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