The woman who posed as the model for the cover of Black Sabbath's groundbreaking debut album was identified earlier this year as Louisa Livingstone. Now, the British toy company Funko is creating a Funko Pop! figure based on the iconic photoshoot she did for the cover.

This is the first of Funko's new line of Pop! figures based on albums. As per the Amazon listing for the figure, it's titled "Black Sabbath" and will be released Dec. 26 of this year, but you can pre-order it now. See a photo of the upcoming figure below.

Until this year, Livingstone's identity had remained a mystery, so no one really knew who the individual in the cloak in front of the church was. The former model now makes electronic music under the moniker Indreba, but she'll forever be a part of one of the most iconic albums in music history, as it was truly the birth of heavy metal as we know it.

A ton of rock and metal artists have been immortalized into the toys, including Ozzy Osbourne, who received a new figure earlier this year based on his new solo album Ordinary Man. 

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