I'm one of the most passionate people about the Cowboys you may meet, but this is taking fandom way too far.

The Cowboys got a win yesterday. It doesn't feel like a win with Dak Prescott's gruesome ankle injury though. I am sure many people were debating different topics yesterday. Dak's injury, Andy Dalton as a starter, the Cowboys defense, special teams making mistakes again. Any number of topics could have been discussed. Looks like over in San Antonio, an argument over the Cowboys got very heated.

It happened around 8 last night at a bus stop off of Ceralvo Street. Things escalated once one of the guys pulled out a gun and shot the the other one. Here's the crazy thing, the victim then grabbed the handgun and fired a shot at the guy as well. Now both of these guys have been shot.


After the shooting, the victims both walked away in separate directions. One of the individuals ended up at a Dollar Store and the other was found a couple of blocks away at Ceralvo and Calaveras, according to officials. Both of the individuals were later taken to University Hospital in critical condition.

One of the individuals may be facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; however, police said it’s unclear who will be charged at this time. There are still multiple crime scenes at the shooting site and the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, so the information is subject to change, according to officials.

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